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Reliability, quality and value for money are the hallmarks of our in house and subcontracting plastic injection moulding service.


High-frequency ultrasonic acoustic vibrations are used to create a solid-state weld and often for joining dissimilar materials.


We operate a two shift system allowing us 17 hours a day, 85 hours a week but with the flexibility of increasing to 24 hours if required.


For many years the Linton ethos was about knowledge. The experience and knowledge gained over the earlier years has been the driving force of our growth and subsequently our acquisition by The MEL Group.

Let’s not forget that without passion, desire and belief we as a company would not have grown by fifty percent every year for the last 5 years.

Manage our partnerships and achieve our short term goal of 100 million turnover yet aspiring to reach one billion dollars whilst remaining independent and NOT FOR SALE.

Gary Harvey – Group CEO